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Unique Rooms


You can spend the night in six boutique rooms, every one of them carrying its own unique story and name; together, they create the basis of the primary wood of Pohorje.


Discover the stories that form the past of our place and the Šumik Estate


Heritage reflects what we are and what we have. The past is very important to us, because of its preciousness and foundations. For the past to never be forgotten, we named our rooms after people who were once closely connected to the Estate. We invite you to read their stories.  We have written and displayed them next to the doors through which they used to enter long before us.

Karolina’s room: where the most delicate romance comes to life.

Glančnik’s room: where the warmth of dawn shines.

Zabeo’s room: where the green tiled stove tells stories of the past.

Julčka’s room: where the view of the garden reminds of the Earth’s gifts.

Feliks’ s room: where the greenery under the window offers eyes a simple view.

Zlodej’s room: where upon arrival on the unique wooden balcony called Gank, one is embraced by the forest breeze.

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