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Who are we ?

We are locals of a small country town called Smolnik. The little place amid nature is not only our place of residence; it is also the place where we do our work and fulfil our mission.

Family photo, Owners of Sumik Estate, happy

About our Organic farm


Our organic farm lies at 650 m of altitude; here, the joy of working with nature and animals is passed on from generation to generation. In 1998, parents Dragica and Stanko, who took over the farm from our grandparents, were one of the first to decide on organic farming, which now serve to reach the top food quality and safety and the added value of secondary activities. Moreover, our lifestyle contributes to the preservation of the rich agricultural landscape.

At our farm, forestry and livestock farming are two main activities we undertake. We raise young cattle to produce organic meat under the Pohorje Beef brand. We grow fruit trees and vegetables as well. Organic eggs are provided by our chickens.

Woman holding apples, Crate of apples
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