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Every story has a beginning

In 1936, the calvary captain Glančnik married the firstborn daughter of Italian count Zabeo from the Fala Castle. After that, he began to build a hunting residence in the middle of the beautiful Pohorje Mountains above the Šumik Waterfall; people called it the Glančnik villa. When Pavel Glančnik left our land, partisans occupied the villa during World War II. Only the Šumik post was not demolished or burnt down after the war, despite battles happening at close range. The estate was later in the hands of various tenants, which brought the continuous change of its purpose and function.


A postcard from 1960

A step to a new opportunity


The preservation of heritage in a local and broader sense and the agricultural activity, already undertaken by the fourth generation, encouraged us to purchase the beautiful estate in the heart of the forests of Pohorje in 2016.

Shortly after the purchase, we decided to renovate the business-residential premises, the central part of the estate.

A unique feature of the building is solid Pohorje style construction, with Pohorje tonalite and high-quality spruce and fir wood of Pohorje as the basic materials. The building is therefore registered on the list of the local cultural heritage (EŠD 19754).

We renovated and fixed the worn- out electrical wiring, wood biomass heating; on the ground floor, we arranged the room to serve food and drink and a kitchen. We renovated boutique hall and six unique guest rooms on the two upper floors.


We also preserved all visible signs of stories from the previous century. We restored all five tiled stoves, kept the bullet-holed wooden doors and stairs made of two sorts of wood; tenants had to build on the part of the staircase in the past due to grenade shootings at the time of the second World War. Various local artisans of different fields helped us with work.

During the renovation process, we also consulted one of the most famous Slovenian architects, Maruša Zorec. She originally comes from the town of Ruše.

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