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The Voice of Nature

When selecting foods, we emphasize sustainable farming, so we prepare the meals with our organic products and the products of other organic farms.

Our beverage menu consists of homemade organic juices, the local beer Lobik, brewed by our young team in Ruše, and the organic wine Valentan. We are also pleased to offer you a cup of black coffee or homemade herbal tea brewed from the herbs picked at our farm.


The simple richness of taste

In the morning, the smell of a thoughtfully prepared breakfast will greet you. We will serve you freshly-made country or milk bread, cornmeal mush with pork rinds and milk, charcuterie, herb cheese, butter, jams, fresh fruit and vegetables and home-made pastries.

From garden to plate

In our wooden raised beds, we grow “goods on a regular basis,” as we say. There are some herbs, vegetables and blueberries that grow very well. Strawberries take the first spot in line.  Let us not forget to mention calendula flowers tending to dominate their co-residents by the beauty of bright orange petals and healing powers.   

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